The Marlborough Chapter was Consecrated on 28th November 1879 only seven years after the Marlborough Lodge was Consecrated, thus making it the first Chapter to be formed outside of the Oxford City area and the third oldest Chapter in the Province. The Chapter consecration was carried out at the King Arms Hotel by special dispensation. The next meeting and the first Exaltation ceremony was held on 26th April 1880 when five candidates were exalted, three from Marlborough Lodge and two from the Windrush Lodge, Witney.

Initially, the Chapter met on the same day as the Lodge which meant that meetings were held from as early as three o’clock in the afternoon, and with the Lodge meeting and the dinner afterwards, it was not unheard of for the Brethren and Companions to finish at midnight! (It is worthy of note that the Chapter now meets on a separate day to the Lodge and the members are able to get home at a far more reasonable hour than that of their predecessors.)

For some reason the Chapter did not use the Oxford Ritual working, particularly as some of the founding Companions were members of the Alfred Chapter who use this ritual, but instead it currently uses the Complete 1941 Edition ritual.

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